Accelafuze Facial - $245

The Accelafuze treatment involves the next generation of exfoliation system. Accelafuze treatments use a unique delivery tip that picks up the skin in its chamber and this occlusive vacuum helps to bring nutrients into the skin assisting in the appearance of rough sensitive skin with sun damage. The skin immediately looks brighter and healthier. The first stage of treatment involves the gently removal of the outmost dead layer of skin in a gentle and controlled manner. After the aged cells of the skin are removed, an infusion of scientifically formulated topical serums is given specifically for the skin condition being treated. The infusion process is cool, soothing and extremely effective as the newly peeled surface of the skin drinks in the nutrients that are professionally applied through the Accelafuze process.

Signature Facial - $195

A classic European facial designed to keep skin healthy, blemish free and smooth. Cleansing and softening using enzymes and steam enables the extraction of all visible blackheads and white heads with minimal discomfort and trauma to the skin. All facial include the application of a superficial peel solution.

Diagnostic EvaluaTion Facial - $245

This facial is specially designated for our new clients. The Diagnostic Evaluation Facial includes a detailed consultation with Deborah where clients have the opportunity to list all of their skin care concerns and goals followed by our a facial treatment that Deborah believes will benefit their skin (usually some type of peel or microdermabrasion) Deborah concludes the facial by recommending changes to their current skin care regimen to achieve healthier, brighter skin. This is a good opportunity to bring in your current favorite products and Deborah can incorporate them into a new routine and determine if they are suitable, including prescription topical creams.

Superficial Chemical Peels -  $246- 500

Peel procedures are now able to provide some of the effects of a laser in just one session. Without the heat associated with a Laser,­ peels are a safer option for darker skin types. Most of the new designer peels have very controlled peeling allowing you to plan your schedule so you can be peeling at home.

This latest generation of peel formula combines a powerful combination of TCA, Phenol, Retin A, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C. They peel the outer layers of the epidermis slightly deeper then a superficial peel, therefore more able to treat severe sun damage and other skin conditions such as acne and scarring.

Stubborn brown marks that may be a result of hormonal changes above the lip, cheeks and forehead respond well to these peels. Acne scarring can be treated and acne improved. Skin that has brown marks, fine lines and a rough uneven appearance as a result of sun damage can see dramatic results from these peels, they also stimulate collagen and elastin production, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

All of our exfoliating treatments require a consultation with Dr Perlman and are performed under his supervision.