About Deborah Winter

  • Board certified electrologist for 30 years
  • Appointed president of the New Zealand Electrolysis Association
  • Awarded the highest qualified electrologist in Great Britain from the City and Guild of London
  • Taught electrolysis at North Manchester College

Blend electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that has permanent results.  It involves a small thin filament the same diameter as a hair that is inserted alongside the hair following the hair shaft.  Small amounts of current are blended together and delivered to the base of the follicle where the active growth cells are. This current damages the cells so they cannot produce a hair.  The hair successfully treated slides out of the follicle with the assistance of a tweezer.  Each area usually takes around six sessions to get the growth under control.  Once the area is clear one or two treatments a year is required to maintain results.

To determine if you may be more suitable for laser on the area consider the following:

Laser is more effective on the following type of growth:

  • Thick coarse dark hair on fair to medium skin tones skin                
  • Bikini and Underarms
  • Large body area

Laser is not effective on the following type of growth:

  • Brown hairs
  • Fine hair  (even if they are dark)
  • Grey hairs
  • Darker skin types

Other things to consider:

Laser can be expensive for small areas
Electrolysis can be very selective on the hairs it treats, only targeting a few dark unsightly coarse hairs and leaving the rest alone.

Lasers are Indiscriminate of the hairs it treats
The laser contact spot size will treat all the hairs in comes into contact with. Consequently, small fine hairs may also be treated.  These will not be permanently removed but quite the opposite, the laser may cause nourishment to the active growth cells and cause the hair growth in the area to increase.

Electrolysis Prices

  • 15 minutes - $75
  • 30 minutes  - $95
  • 45 minutes  - $125
  • One hour  - $165